Papa Rouyo Sanblaj - Élevé-Sous-Bois

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Natural colour

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Product information "Papa Rouyo Sanblaj - Élevé-Sous-Bois"

Profile: The Papa Rouyo Sanblaj - Élevé-Sous-Bois at a glance

  • Pleasure from community work: Papa Rouyo builds on Guadeloupe's sugar cane heritage
  • An ode to sugar cane: The Sanblaij is distilled from Sugar Cane B80.689
  • Pot Still Distillation: Distilled from fresh sugar cane juice

Portrait: What makes the Papa Rouyo Sanblaj - Élevé-Sous-Bois so special.

Charles Albert Ruscade aka Papa Rouyo worked his entire life as a sharecropper in Guadeloupe's lush sugar cane fields.  

After 60 years, he was denied his right to buy the land he cherished.  

After a long legal battle, Papa Rouyo's grandchildren now refine Papa Rouyo's sugar cane in close cooperation with the passionate "maîtres-canniers", producers who have lived in Le Moule for generations -Heritage in its most beautiful form: Rhum Agricole de Terroir.

Papa Rouyo rums stand for transparency in the selection of raw materials as well as in the various stages of production. 

The fresh juice from partly self-cultivated sugar cane is distilled in alambique stills, which are rare for Guadeloupe.  

Due to its construction, an extremely mouth-filling, oily distillate with a fine, intense aroma is created, which unfolds authentically thanks to the lack of cold filtration or sugaring.

Papa Rouyo has been filling casks since 2021, especially fresh French and American oak casks as well as ex-cognac casks.
Sanblaj (Creole for "assembly") is a blend of different casks.  ;
The type and degree of firing vary, thus ensuring a diverse aromatic palette.

Age: 1 year, 11 months
Distilled: 2021
Bottled: 2022
Base: Fresh Cane Juice (Variety: B80.689)
Distillation: Pot Still
Cask Type: Virgin French & American Oak Casks, Cognac Casks
Not colored
Not sweetened
Not chill-filtered

Tasting Notes: This is what the Papa Rouyo Sanblaj - Élevé-Sous-Bois tastes like

  • Nose: fresh shortbread and wheat pastries, with brown cane sugar and a little vanilla - above all, fruity aromas of ripe oranges
  • Palate: soft and harmonious, slightly oily with clear roasted notes, light tannins and roasted nuts
  • Finish: long finish - soft and pleasant, clearly the oranges and nuts again

Weitere Informationen

Distillery: Papa Rouyo
Bottler: Original Bottling
Country: Guadeloupe
Bottling Date: 2022
Destillation Date: 2021
Age: 1 year old
Coloured: Natural Colour
Chillfiltered: Un-chilfiltered
Volume: 0,7l
Alcohol: 56%vol.
Product Category: Rum & Rum based Spirit Drinks
Product Type: Rum
Product brand: Papa Rouyo
Responsible food business operator: Kirsch Spirituosen e.K. - Inh. Christoph Kirsch, Mackenstedter Str. 7 28816 Stuhr, Deutschland
Manufacturer: Papa Rouyo Distillery, Housing road - Sainte-Claire, Rue de l'Habitation, Rte de Ste Claire, Goyave 97128, Guadeloupe
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