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About Us

In the beginning was the malt.

That goes for the history of whiskey in general. The traditional malt whiskey made from barley malt in copper pot stills is the origin of everything. But it also applies to our online retailer Home of Malts. With a bottle of Single Malt, just like a 12-year-old Macallan, in 1996 my passion for the & quot; water of life & ldquo; aroused. Quickly more malts were added to the whiskey, the interest in the Scottish elixir of life was always greater, and finally ended with the consideration: why not the great variety of Whisk (e) ys like-minded and Newcomers offer? In an online shop, which is the way I would like it to myself as a passionate whiskey fan ...
And here we are, a few years later, with many, many, nice customers who share with us the passion for the water of life. And with a steadily growing assortment that currently includes around 1300 articles.

The True, the Rare and the & ldquo; More & ldquo.

Our focus is still on the very first of all whiskeys: the Scottish single malt. We are very committed to offering you the rare, the special, the extraordinary and the classic as well as the classics. So in our shop you will find a large selection of independent collectors such as A.D. Rattray, Compass Box, Duncan Taylor, Douglas Laing, Gordon & amp; MacPhail, Hunter Laing, Murray McDavid, Lost Distillery Co., & amp; Be Thankful, Signatory or Wemyss & ndash; just to name a few.You can also discover some great single malts of almost forgotten or fond of closed distilleries. A Brora from 1976? A 36-year-old Convalmore or a 1975 Dallas Dhu? Sure. There are, of course, quite a few more whiskeys: Blended Scotch, Grain Whiskey, Bourbon and Tennessee Whiskey, Whisk (e) ys from Ireland, Wales, England, Canada, South Africa, Japan, Germany, Sweden ...
And because we call Home of Malts, you will also find in our shop a large assortment of other fine spirits & ndash; Cognac, rum, fruit broth, gin. as well as sherry, port and selected Bordeaux wines.

Does that have to be? We find: yes. Some things are self - evident in the reliable mail order business. Fast delivery, flexible payment methods, correct invoices, the highest level of data security ... all this, of course, you can expect from us too. Other things may not be self-evident. Our meticulous care when shipping for example. It has, admittedly, sometimes something of obsession. So "stuff" & ldquo; Let's take one or the other box carefully by hand and pack the bottle and lid again extra in protective foil. Sometimes you just have to take something apart so that it stays healthy.

Advice, News and some & ldquo; more & ldquo;.

Do you have any questions about Whisk (e) y or are you missing a specific product in our assortment? Then please contact us, we will gladly help you and personally advise you.
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We wish you lots of fun now! while stooping and enjoyable geniuses.

Slàinte Mhath!
Your Thomas Mansen & amp; the Home of Malts team